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Plum Survival Pack

Plum Survival Pack
Price: $10.00
Item Number: 0009P


For the person who needs a little help getting through the day. Plum survival pack includes...

Purple insulated peanut butter and olive sandwich lunch bag. Fill it with food from your parents' house and take it home. Comes filled with:
1. One pink (the catalog said it was purple, we swear), 6.5 inch, I "heart" Plum flashlight, for hunting through Dumpsters or any of those other ladylike things.
2. One purple, aluminum, I "heart" Plum bottle opener, complete with a tab opener for cans so you don't ruin your manicure.
3. One Both! Euro sticker. Why choose?
4. One purple, key tag with a favorite Plum quote,

"I quit. I'm done fighting
crime. I've rolled in garbage
for the last time."

"Hard to believe," Ranger said.

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